Copper Wrapped Crystal Rings

$22.22 - $24.44

Clear Quartz - Master healer, amplifies/intensifies the energy of any other crystal, GREAT for manifesting

Carnelian - Promotes belief in self and self confidence, removes negative conditioning/self talk

Ocean Jasper - Brings overall peace, joy and happiness and lifts spirits. Also helps with prioritizing yourself by putting you first.

Citrine - Known as the "Merchant Stone" Great for manifesting abundance and prosperity. Especially good for business owners and "merchants", grounding and wards off negativity

Moss Agate - A stone of abundance and wealth, it is great for attracting abundance in all forms. In the workplace, it draws new business and gradual expansion, increasing prosperity over time. It is good for small businesses and the self-employed, and a fortifying crystal for financial institutions.

Black Tourmaline - Hater Blocker! Extremely protective crystal that doesn't just deflect negativity, it absorbs and transmutes it into positive energy.

Clear Quartz -(See Above)

Bloodstone - Carries healing energy and assists with anger and irritability. It gets rid of confusion and helps in decision making.