Pyrite Tumbles


Pyrite is mostly thought of as a stone of abundance, but it does much more. The way pyrite guides you to attract more wealth and prosperity in your life is through encouraging introspection. Pyrite mirrors back to you things that you may have been trying to ignore. But this confrontation helps you to challenge your own negative tendencies. Through doing so, you can create new habits that are more in line with what you are trying to manifest.

Pyrite helps you to break through self-limiting behaviors and beliefs so that you radiate vibrant golden energy. When you put out an abundant energy, you attract that energy back to you. Working with pyrite stimulates a cycle of positive returns. It starts with encouraging positive thoughts, which turn into positive actions, which bring in opportunities and inspire more positive thoughts. The additional protective qualities of the pyrite will reflect away negative energy; your transformation will continue to see increasingly positive results.